Tuesday, November 11, 2008


There is just so much to celebrate right now.
#1. President-elect Barack Obama. The LT actually said, "I finally feel hope." This is HUGE coming from the LT. I am really excited to have an intelligent, well-spoken President again. I have a lot of hopes, but I'm trying to keep my expectations down. Let's face it, he's got a lot of people to work with and a lot of work to do.
#2. There is, in fact, a baby growing in my belly. I had my 12-week checkup yesterday and finally heard the beautiful "lub-dub" going 148 times a minute. Almost thought I felt the little bean move last night, too, but that would have been awfully early.
#3. Wedding this weekend! On Thursday we're dropping off 3 of the dogs with the LT's younger brother, the 4th dog with our neighbor, and heading to my parents' house. We'll spend the night there with my youngest brother and then bright and early Friday morning we'll be driving to Indiana for my sister's nuptials. While none of us are particularly thrilled about driving for 12 hours with a toddler in a small car with possibly lousy winter weather, we're all really, really excited for the wedding. And the party afterwards. It sounds like my future BIL's family is pulling out the stops for us to stay with them on Friday night, which is really, really nice of them. The LT is going to preside over the wedding. He's not actually marrying them; they're having a civil ceremony Friday morning. But they'll say their vows, have Scripture verses, etc, on Saturday in front of the friends and family, and the LT is going to sort of run the show. Oh, it's going to be so much fun!
Ahhh, life is good.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Vote or Don't Complain

That's right. If you don't care enough to get out during the 13 hours the polls are open tomorrow and exercise your right to choose your leader, then you don't get to complain about the leadership.
People in this world are still dying, trying to obtain the right to vote. Some countries let you vote, but there's no real election. The United States has existed for over 232 years because of the right to choose our leaders. We may not like the results, but we still get a say.
The LT and I are heading out to our township hall completely in the middle of nowhere (thank God for the Garmin) and we're taking Cee with us to demonstrate the reason why we've endured nearly 2 years of political ads.
So get out and vote. I don't much care who you vote for (really). But please, vote or don't complain later.