Monday, May 24, 2010

A home of my own

I signed a lease last week on an old and small but very nice house. I've been slowly moving my stuff in. It's difficult to downsize kitchens when you're a cook. But I'm working on it. The cupboard that has been stored in Mom & Dad's poolhouse since I graduated from college will be coming in handy, as soon as my brother and his buddies can move it for me.
I found quite a variety of stuff when I cleaned it out yesterday. Shotgun shells, doe urine, a prom garter, ear plugs, carpet, swim goggles, flippers, belt buckles. No condoms or anything that's illegal, fortunately. It all got tossed into a big box for someone (my youngest brother, probably) to deal with.
I've got a large number of books on shelves too. The EX never liked having all my books out on display, so mostly they stayed on shelves in the game closet. Well, now that I can DO WHAT I WANT WITH THEM, they're out. The house has a built-in desk between the dining room and living room, and above it are shelves, kind of like a hutch that you buy with a computer desk. And the shelves are filled, quite nicely, with my wonderful library. I've still got my YA books living in boxes, but maybe my dad will build some more shelves at some point.
The house comes with a 2-stall garage, which is hilarious for me. I've got my minivan, my bike, the girls' bike trailer, and their wagon to store in the garage. Oh, and the only thing on a shelf, which is my ice scraper. Won't be needing that for a couple of months. It's 94 outside today and muggy, which doesn't surprise anyone around here at all, considering that we had a hard freeze less than two weeks ago.