Monday, March 25, 2013

Getting Back to Routine

The girls and I have moved back into my parents' house for the next six months, due to the fact that my lease is up in a few weeks and Troy and I don't want to live together before we get married. The move has been gradual and started back near the end of February. We've been living out of laundry baskets (because the dressers were still in Elysian), and I haven't really cooked or baked much of anything lately. I would cook on our usual Thursday nights that Troy would join us in Elysian, and I have made some cookies here, but otherwise, nothing.
This past weekend, most of our stuff got moved here. All of my kitchen stuff, including cookbooks, is here. Our dressers (and the girls' beds) are here. I feel somewhat more settled, but I still have quite a bit of work yet to do. I need to put more pictures up on the walls and organize the kitchen area Mom and I set up. 
I am definitely more in the mood for cooking. I'm making supper on Wednesday night, and I've been printing more recipes lately. That's where it's nice that it seems to be the current fashion on Facebook to post links to recipes. I have seen several that I'd like to make. I'm sure Mom will let me make supper much more often, too.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Poet

While I was reading my Bible for the day, I came across a page (in Ezekiel, of all places) titled "Humor and Comedy in the Bible." It was very interesting how the writers of the Bible do, in fact, use comedy to illustrate their lessons, such as riddles, parody, and satire. Lots of these occur in the Old Testament, with some in the New Testament, too. But at the end of the page was a fascinating and comforting statement from Martin Luther: "When matters are in such a bad way and so desperate that no hope of deliverance is seen, we should know that it is the epitasis or climax of the comedy and that the catastrophe is very near...God is the Poet, and we are the verses or songs He writes."
Always a good reminder, that God is in control, and He knows that the story will end well for His children, even if we can't see how.